Welcome to Villa di Fontanella!

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Home 2nd Floor Entrance to Room 2

We have three, self catering, vacation rentals attached to our farmhouse in Gargano, the Puglia region of Italy (see the map to the right).

The lower part of our property is bisected by the Fontanella Creek. The creek flows from Vico Del Gargano to the Adriatic. It is dry for much of the year. Water usually flows only in the winter and during heavy rain storms.

Our rocky hillside has numerous olive, fruit, and nut trees. They growing abundantly in the bright Italian sunshine.

We bought the villa, an abandoned farm house, and renovated it, creating in the process, a three unit vacation rental. The villa was built on top of, what would be, an old olive mill (trapetto). The mill, still empty now, is a cave 70 feet deep and 14 feet wide. We have not decided on a use for this treasure.

The Adriatic beaches, coastal towns and the medieval town of Vico Del Gargano are a short distance away. Crowds are almost nonexistent, except in the high season of August. Gargano is peaceful the other eleven months of the year.

We have a large vegetable and a small herb garden. Guests are encouraged to pick what they like from both gardens. We have laying chickens. Eggs are free of charge to our guests on an availability basis as are the fruits from our trees and vines.

We provide a complementary supply of bottled water, coffee, sugar, salt and pepper.

Linens and kitchen utensils are included.

Since we are located in the country, guests will need private transportation.

Due to the hilly nature of the area, and our narrow road, a front wheel drive or 4×4 equipped vehicle is a necessity. Our location insures unparalleled seclusion, away from crowds and traffic.

We do have two very friendly medium sized dogs who love greeting new guests with their own special welcome.


Three rental units are available for rental. The rental units are renovated stables attached to the Villa that have been converted into apartments.

All of our rooms are available to rent May through October. Our rates range from 30.00€ per person/day - 50.00€ per person/day depending on the room and time of year. Continental breakfasts are available on request for a small fee.

All of our units have a kitchenette and a private bathroom.

Vico del Gargano

Vico del Gargano

An agricultural town about 400 years old, population around 8,000. The cuisine is rich and varied and includes many local ingredients, extra virgin olive oil, cheese, fish, tomatoes, fruits and vegetables.

Many churches, old architecture, narrow streets, and relaxed ways make Vico del Gargano charming and an interesting place to visit.


The Annual Fungi festival (mushrooms) is celebrated in the fall.

Numerous saint day festivals are celebrated year- round - Saint Valentine courted his love here.

Why we came

This is a town you can love. These are people you can love. We do.